Pedro Domingos Predicts The Next Hundred Years of Your Life

What will we experience over the next 100 years? Artificial intelligence researcher Prof. Pedro Domingos believes that we’ll extend life expectancy far beyond the current limits, with the revolution in medical progress over the coming decades.

Prof. Domingos argues that scientific and technological progress is accelerating, and we will experience more in the next few years than in than earlier generations experienced in their lifetimes.┬áProf. Domingos says this accelerating progress will grant us superpowers. We’ll enhance our genomes, vacation in space, computers will disappear, not traffic jams, self-driving cars, reality will be augmented, life extension and more are all coming withinour lifetimes according to Prof. Domingos.

Pedro Domingos is a machine learning researcher and professor at University of Washington in Seattle and the author of The Master Algorithm: How the Quest for the Ultimate Learning Machine Will Remake Our World. In 2014 Prof. Domingos was awarded the SIGKDD Innovation Award, the highest honor in the field of data science.

This talk was recorded in January, 2017.

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